Tools for White Hat SEO – 3 Essential White Hat SEO Tools for Improving Rankings?

White hat SEIWhen you’re trying to rank a website, it’s important of course that you get the search engine optimization for that site right.

But there’s so much information out there, that it’s hard to know exactly what to do. That’s why so many people get SEO wrong in my opinion. They’re chasing the newest technique, when all they really have to do is get the basics right, and they’re already half way there.

Of course in this fast-paced internet world, you need to be able to move fast. The competition gets more and more fierce each passing day. They’re out there trying to knock you off of your ranking high horse. You’ve got to be faster, smarter, and you MUST get the fundamentals right!

3 Fundamental Tools for Effective White Hat SEO…

Of course there are more than three aspects of SEO, but the truth is that if you don’t have the following correct, the rest doesn’t really even matter.

Fundamental Tool #1 – Keyword Research Tools…

So when you talk about foundation, it doesn’t get more solid than keyword research. For any chance of ranking, getting traffic, etc…for any chance of getting white hat SEO right…you’ve got to get the keyword research right.

Of course there are a ton of keyword research tools out there. Many people will swear by using Google’s keyword tool, and say that it’s plenty. However, while it’s very robust as a free keyword tool, it’s not sufficient in the day in age that we live in.

Like I mentioned before, you’ve got to be quick when it comes to getting ranked these days. By the time you’ve found a keyword that might be okay, hundreds of other search engine optimization gurus have already started building content and websites around that keyword, and are ready to start ranking for it.

Then again, many of them will go on to be disappointed either because they went after a word that was much too competitive to even bother, or they didn’t do full research to realize that the searches were actually very small for that keyword.

So you need a tool that’s going to help you decide fast.

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Fundamental Tool #2: Rank Checker…

Google RankWhen you’re trying to improve on anything in life, it’s hard to get where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’re at.

Well that’s exactly what a good rankchecker will do for you. It’ll show you exactly where you’re at with your keywords.

Of course most people use a rank checker to see all the keywords that they’re ranking on the first page for right? They want to see their handy work in action. But the smart marketers and the savvy search engine optimization engineers will find the keywords where they’re ranking on the 2nd and 3rd pages, and then work hard to get those keywords to rank better.

When you’re that close, then you owe it to yourself to do what you’ve got to do to beat up the competition for those keywords too…and get to the front page.

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Fundamental Tool #3: Link Building Tool…

link buildingOf course there’s no such thing as effective SEO without link building.

However, most people these days are very lazy about their link building. They basically throw mud against the wall and see what sticks. The fact is… if they took a little more time to do some research they could get way more effectiveness in their rankings with fewer links.

Having a good link building tool to help you do the research quickly on this is imperative these days, if you want to be competitive in the search engine world. As well… it will give you much more sustainability with your rankings.

Finding high authority backlinks in your niche is vitally important, so take the time to research with a good link building and link research tool.

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