Market Samurai Review – Can Market Samurai Really Help You Put the Sword to Your Competition?

One of the tools that’s always touted as superior for keyword research, as well as competition research is Market Samurai.

This tool was largely made popular by internet marketer Ed Dale and his 30 Day Challenge a few years back.

But over the years it’s seemed to live up to the hype in many user’s minds. But is it really as good as people say that it is, or is it just that…people following the hype?

This review will answer that question for you.

Why Do You Need a Tool Like Market Samurai?

#Market Samurai is a tool that’s used very often to do extensive keyword research.

Keyword research is a paramount activity if you’re looking to get your content ranked on the search engines (most importantly Google of course).

The fact is that unless you have a keyword(s) that’s searched often that your content is based around and optimized for, you’re likely not going to get very far. You won’t get visitors, and therefore your content won’t do anything for you. You may as well have not even created the content at all in fact. It’s invisible.

So doing keyword research is very important.

Of course there are free ways to conduct keyword research. Google’s Keyword tool is often used, but the problem is that the information you get doesn’t exactly tell you everything that you need to know.

What you need to know, besides just what keywords get searched and how often, is how much competition you’re going to be facing for those keywords. You’ll also want to know what you’ll be facing as far as competition for getting that content to rank.

So you can’t just use a simple free keyword tool. You’ve got to invest in a tool that will give you more info to give YOU the edge.

In Module 1, you’ll type in your keyword and hit the “Generate Keywords” button. Once that happens Market Samurai is going to start producing a ton of keywords, as well as vital information that you need to know like the traffic, the competition and basically whether for not you should even start looking at the keyword (Green, Yellow, and Red), as well as something very interesting.

Market Samurai actually tells you the buyer’s intent.

Why is that important? Because you’ve likely heard that buyer keywords are the ones that you should go to. But very often it’s vague and hard to tell which keywords actually have buyer’s intent.

So knowing this will give you an edge because it will have you putting effort toward only the most important keywords that will bring you profit.

Watching the video at the top of the #Market Samurai homepage will show you exactly what I’m talking about and let you see it in action. Watch the video by clicking here now!

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The Competition Module of Market Samurai Is Where You Find the Gold…

Once you get to the all-important “Competition Module” then you begin to see how to win the fight.

Market Samurai will show you the ten top search results for your keyword. Then it goes on to show you exactly WHY those web pages are getting a top ten ranking.

You’ll get to see the SEO elements that matter such as the Page Ranks of those sites. You’ll see which of those sites have the keyword in the in-title.

Of course you want to see the how many backlinks a site is getting.

This is huge because backlinks are such an important factor to what makes a site rank or not. Some might say it’s the most important factor. I say that it’s very important, but when you combine all of these factors that Market Samurai gives you together, you almost become bulletproof.

Basically, what this tool gives you is a way to win using every single little nuance that you can muster up to beat your competition with.

In a nutshell, with each module you go through, Market Samurai peels back the layers and reveals precisely what’s causing your competition to rank so that you can then go out and beat them element by element. You get the unfair advantage of knowing where the enemy is weakest and strongest, and beating them at their own game.

Try It FREE for 14 Days and Test It Out…

Whenever there’s a tool that you think you might want to start using, it’s often tough to get off the fence if you’re not sure whether or not you’ll be able to adequately use the tool.

Let’s face it. Some SEO tools are more difficult to use than it would be to go out and find all the information out yourself. While I believe that Market Samurai is absolutely simple to use, I’m sure you’d rather give it a spin before you commit to purchasing.

Right now, you can test drive Market Samurai for FREE for 14 Days. This is a full working version of Market Samurai. You’ll get every feature that paying customers have access to, and you’ll get to see the power that it has to get your content ranked.

If after that you like the results that you’ve been getting, you can continue to use it and continue to watch your rankings climb.

If you’re ready to get started with Market Samurai for FREE then click here now!

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