How the SEO World Looks After Panda and Penguin

seo done right in 2012There are several sorts of SEOs and webmasters today:

The ones who deny that SEO has changed and keep doing what they did before.

Those who concede and believe that “SEO is dead“, having stopped all their efforts and let Google do their things.

And then there are those who take all the recent changes as an opportunity to do things better and right.

SEO Today Must Be Holistic: The Process Must Be Seen As A Whole

When we talk “holistic” we mean that it’s required to see the broad picture. One problem many SEOs made in the past is to only focus on certain aspects of their search engine optimization, such as blog networks, certain so called “SEO Tools” and so forth.

If 2012 has showed one thing it’s that such strategies won’t work anymore. As simple as that.

SEO today is a process where each aspect plays a certain role, eg. on-site SEO, link building, social media and so forth – but each element needs to play nicely and properly with all others to get results going.

A good SEO strategy today means to entirely engage in all those aspects which include social media networks, authority links and most importantly quality content.

Why Your Content is Important

The times are long gone were certain on-site factors such as meta tags, descriptions, titles and so forth played a MAJOR role in search engine optimization. They STILL play a role, but today this is almost neglectable.

There is a very true saying: “If you on-site SEO is right and your content is great, half your SEO is already done.”

Focus on your website visitors and try to give them value and use, stop writing “for the search engines”. Stop hunting for LSI keywords and stop measuring your “keyword density“. Seriously, If you want to waste your time you can continue to do so, but don’t expect wonders because those are things which no one gives a big hoot anymore, and for sure not Google.

Keep your keyword in the title, the rest is simply writing (or getting written) great and compelling content.

As for link building, SEOs and webmasters also need to rethink here and start thinking out of the box. A authority link from a related site can be worth gold, so you need to get them.

Build relationships, offer value. Links will come, even it will take some time.

As a general rule, you have to invest more time and effort into your site and also the SEO aspect of things – only then you can expect reasonable results.

But the good thing: Such results will also be for the long term, plus you will increase your trust and traffic at the same time.

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