GoDaddy Web Hosting Review – Does GoDaddy Stand Up to All of the Hype Surrounding Their Name?

godaddy logoMore than likely, you’re not reading this GoDaddy Web Hosting review because you’re trying to find out who GoDaddy is. It’s very difficult to NOT have heard of GoDaddy due to the fact that their advertising is everywhere.

From television commercials, billboards, SuperBowl commercials, radio ads, print ads, and all over the place online, GoDaddy is basically everywhere. Plus the founder, Bob Parsons, seems to have an affinity for beautiful strong women which helps bring tons of attention to the brand. The GoDaddy girls range from tough “The Biggest Loser” trainer Jillian Michaels, to NASCAR’S racing diva Danica Patrick, to other various high profile women.

With sexy and humorous commercials they’ve certainly gotten the attention of a ton of people, and no doubt have a large customer base. But are they really the best just because they’re the web hosting company with the most hype?

Let’s take a look through the rest of this review!

What Does GoDaddy Have to Offer?

Regardless of a company’s effective advertising, you cannot remain a viable company unless you truly have something of value to offer. Bad news spreads much faster than any good news about how cool your commercials are.

Therefore you can bet that GoDaddy has some very good things to offer their clientele.

One thing that GoDaddy does exceptionally well is customer service. Their customer support system is extraordinary, and that’s not by accident. This is a company that knows how vitally important it is to take great care of your clients.

Their support is open 24/7through phone and email.

Normally I would have a bit of a gripe with the fact that they don’t have a chat feature, but the fact is that their response time is so fast that it’s hard to gripe. Still it would be nice. However they do answer their phones very fast and get you connected quickly to a real live and knowledgeable person. Their emails are usually answered within an hour, which is unheard of.

Not only that, they actually give you an estimated wait time when you submit an email, and they seem to under-promise and over deliver which is a great standout feature I took notice of.

How About the Features of GoDaddy’s Web Hosting Service? What Do You Get?

If you’re comparing GoDaddy hosting to a hosting service like HostGator or JustHost, then you’re likely going to raise an eyebrow at GoDaddy, wondering why they don’t offer the huge unlimited list that those others do.

While they do have a great set of features, they don’t get into unlimited territory until you get into the larger packages. As a matter of fact, the disk space is actually only unlimited with their largest packages. Their packages allow you to have 10GB with the Economy package, 150GB with the Deluxe Package, and then unlimited space with their largest Ultimate package.

Is this a big deal? Well it might look as though it is, but the truth is that most new website owners needing web hosting aren’t even going to come close to using even the 10GB of space in the smallest package. So it’s really not a big deal. It shouldn’t be something that turns you away.

And it certainly doesn’t looked like it’s hurt their customer retention one bit.

Is GoDaddy Web Hosting Easy to Use?

Besides customer service… another area where GoDaddy shines is their ease of use!

Though they don’t use the highly acclaimed cPanel as their control panel, their control panel is obviously created to be as easy as possible for everyone to utilize.

Their file manager is extremely user friendly. Everything is very clear cut, and even the newest of the new website owners will be able to navigate their way around.

Their “Website Tonight” web builder will let you quickly and easily get your website up and running. With the popularity of GoDaddy, you can bet that the number of websites built with this tool are well within the millions.

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Reliability with GoDaddy!

GoDaddy understands that when you’ve got a website, you want to feel like that website is going to be secure and that it’s going to be kept up and running. They’ve got both of these situations covered.

GoDaddy hosting has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is the highest you’ll find anywhere in the business. They offer 24/7 server monitoring by expert staff. In addition, so that you feel secure with transactions that occur on and from your website, they have SSL security. This allows your visitors to feel secure when shopping or even simply browsing your website.

Does GoDaddy Hosting Stand Up to All the Hype? Should YOU Use GoDaddy?

The quick and easy answer is a simple resounding YES! I actually believe that with their customer service, and with the ease of use, they actually exceed expectations.

If you’re ready to see how great they are for yourself, and act on our recommendation, they you can #click here now!

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