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The reason that you’re likely searching for an Elegant Themes review is because you’re creating a website, and you want a look that you can be proud of.

If you’re using WordPress, then you’re also obviously looking for ease of use, and reliable functionality. WordPress is certainly one of the best and most used platforms for creating both static websites as well as of course blogs.

But of course, no matter what, you want your website to look as good as it can, without overwhelming the visitor. Elegant Themes’ Nick Roach claims to be able to give you that, but is it true?

What Does Elegant Themes Have to Offer?

As I’m writing this review of elegant themes, ease of use is prevalent on my mind.

So many times I…and maybe you too…have uploaded a theme to my website and once I get in there to try and make my website unique, I realize quickly that I’d made a mistake. Many themes are very hard to customize. Is this true with Elegant Themes?

Functionality…and ease of use is crucially important when it comes to your theme.

I’ve got to say, with Elegant Themes you definitely get both – great ease of use and functionality.

Ease of Use…

Using their ‘ePanel’, you’ll be able to customize virtually each and every element of your website. Using this control-panel you don’t have to know ANY coding at all. Everything becomes super simple. You can turn different features off and on as needed without hassle… alter your layout; manage ads and ad placement; fiddle with the different colors; etc.

Search Engine Optimization…

One thing that made elegant themes stand out in my mind was the search engine settings that allow you to easily adjust using the ePanel. Search engine rankings of course are important to any website owner, because getting picked up for key terms and rank means that you can find yourself with a lot of visitors, with not much effort.

Elegant Themes has a very good record for being very search engine friendly, but doubles up on that reputation when you consider how simple and easy they make it to adjust the SEO settings such as managing keywords, titles, meta tags, and even canonical URL’s for homepage, pages, posts, and categories.

But How About What Really Matters…Do Elegant Themes Look Good?

Nick Roach creates all the Themes with Elegant Themes. As of this writing there are 78 separate unique themes to choose from. Nick releases about 2 new ones per month, and apparently he’s currently going back to older ones and updating them which shows how much he cares about his customers.

Of course what YOU really want to know is how elegant themes look.

First of all, you can see and review them yourself by clicking here now!

But in a nutshell, the themes are ALL basically exactly what you’d want your themes to look like.

First of all, no matter what business you’re in, you’re going to be able to use many of these 78 available themes. These are good whether you’re using them a as a normal blog, a site for your business, an online ecommerce store, Q&A sites, a portfolio site, an online resume, an online gallery…you name it!! You’re very likely to find a theme for it within Elegant Themes.

The fact is that these themes look extremely professional. They’ve got very sharp and high resolution graphics, and the schemes are all meant to compliment but not clash with your content. In other words they’re pleasing to the eye, and so they’re going to make people want to stick around longer and consume your material. That’s the idea right?

This would mean a better chance for your visitors to take the action that you’re looking for whether that’s call you for business, download your music, buy your stuff, etc. All because of the classy and well…elegant… designs that they provide.

How Much Does Elegant Themes Cost?

Here’s where it truly gets good. Where most other premium theme memberships cost you an arm and a leg, usually asking a “start-up” fee of a couple hundred bucks, plus a monthly fee (or one big fat flat fee), Elegant Themes is just $39 a year which gets you UNLIMITED use of all of their themes.

Any Cons to Elegant Themes?

The only wart on Elegant Themes that I can really find is their customer support. Basically, if you have trouble, you’re stuck with only a support forum. However, you could also look at it as a ton of heads is better than one theory. Plus there’s a lot of savings for you.

So What’s the Verdict…Should You Use Elegant Themes?

Well besides the customer support issue with Elegant Themes, I think that if what you’re looking for are professional looking themes that are simple to use…yet robust in performance, then you can’t go wrong with Elegant Themes. Especially at only $39 a year which is insane.

Go check out Elegant Themes for yourself by clicking here now!

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