Here’s Why Content Absolutely Matters When It Comes to Organic Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are too many people who focus so much of their attention on trying to beat the search engines, that they forget their main audience. Your main audience is not Google, even though it may feel like it at times.

Your audience for your websites is those people who are reading your content.

They’re the ones that will eventually take (or not take) the actions that you need them to take in order to increase your business, profits, or fan base. So why would you not focus on THEM when creating your content.

Of course you’ve got to add some Google and search engine optimization love in each article, but that should really be an afterthought. The reason being is because if you’re writing content which is high quality enough and topic focused (the way that all quality content should be)…then your content will already have the right keywords within it for the most part.

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Google Changes So Fast That Tricks Will Never Outlast High Quality Content for SEO…

It’s true. All of the time that you’ve spent on applying special tactics trying to trick the search engines, we’ve all realized lately would have been much better spent trying to simply just write really higher quality content.

The reason is simple. In the long run, Google has been refining and updating their algorithms to make it so that the highest quality content ranks the highest in the search engines. That’s their end goal. So why not foreshadow that and go back and refine your content, and simply feed the big Google monster with exactly what it is that it’s after.

Google has proven with their past 23 Panda updates that trickery won’t work for very long.

You Can Ignore Google and Still Get SEO Traffic and Supplement Traffic Anyway…

The fact is that Google has embraced the ‘sharing’ aspect of the internet. This means that they start liking content a lot more when they see that other people like it too. They therefore reward that high quality and highly liked content with higher rankings.

But what kind of content gets shared?

The kind that people read and love it so much that they stick it on their own sites… or link to it on their Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking pages. Good quality content that gets shared because it’s so valuable to the reader is exactly what Google wants, so it should be the first important step to your SEO strategy.

When It Comes to Search Engine Optimization, Spend Less Time Optimizing and More Time Producing…

Of course there will be the basics that you’ll want to make sure are there when it comes to SEO. Title tags, meta tags, etc. are always important to tap Google on the shoulder and let them know that you’ve got some new content on your topic.(Read more about some great ‘seo-proof’ wordpress themes)

But instead of using crazy SEO tricks and tactics, perhaps your time would be better spent producing MORE extremely high quality content that people are actually looking for. IF people are looking for information on your topics or niches, then there will always be certain info that they can’t get enough of.

If you’ll provide that in abundance with tons of fresh, highly relevant, and very useful content…Google will absolutely love your web pages as they are.

That leaves us then with the fact that you do need to be aware of what sort of content that people are after. Besides creating the highly valuable content your other main timeframe will want to be spent on keyword research that tells you exactly what is going to be relevant in your content which will be helpful in your search engine optimization.

This means that you’ll need a good keyword tool that minimizes time spent so that you can truly focus on producing quality content.

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