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Market Samurai Review – Can Market Samurai Really Help You Put the Sword to Your Competition?

One of the tools that’s always touted as superior for keyword research, as well as competition research is Market Samurai. This tool was largely made popular by internet marketer Ed Dale and his 30 Day Challenge a few years back. But over the years it’s seemed to live up to the hype in many user’s...
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Tools for White Hat SEO – 3 Essential White Hat SEO Tools for Improving Rankings?

When you’re trying to rank a website, it’s important of course that you get the search engine optimization for that site right. But there’s so much information out there, that it’s hard to know exactly what to do. That’s why so many people get SEO wrong in my opinion. They’re chasing the newest technique, when...
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Here’s Why Content Absolutely Matters When It Comes to Organic Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, there are too many people who focus so much of their attention on trying to beat the search engines, that they forget their main audience. Your main audience is not Google, even though it may feel like it at times. Your audience for your websites is those people...
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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Social Media for Your Marketing Right Away…

Do you have a business that you’re trying to create attention for?  Are you trying to make a name for yourself either as an artist or performer online? If either of these things is true…and you’ve been on the fence as far as social media is concerned…then you’ve got to jump down off that fence...
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Shared Web Hosting vs. Dedicated Web Hosting…What is more Reliable?

If you’ve been in the market for web hosting, then you may have grown a bit confused about the different types of hosting. It is a confusing thing if you’re just starting out, and frankly…it’s confusing even if you’ve been around the block.
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Affiliate Marketing – Still Viable?

Affiliate Marketing is another of those things which got somewhat more difficult over the last years. As so often, one major reason is “changes” Google made – and by coincidence, those changes are mostly negative for the typical Affiliate Marketer. Let us look at some of those changes.
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