Bitcoin Superstar: Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Software That Can Guide Investors in Placing Accurate Trades

In this review, we will delve into the features of Bitcoin Superstar, its functionality and other relevant information that can prove its legitimacy and whether investing in here is a good opportunity.
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Over the last decade, the popularity of online cryptocurrency trading has constantly increased. Social media have been a springboard to persuade countless people to invest in these auto-trading robots. Bitcoin Superstar is one of the most famous cryptocurrency platforms since 2015 and has gotten the public’s interest due to its appealing endorsements and testimonials. Similar to other robots, this software also asserts to help its users to make profits with ease in a short period of time.

What is Bitcoin Superstar?

Bitcoin Superstar is an automated cryptocurrency trading software. This application is self-operative and trades Bitcoin for its users using algorithms and cutting-edge technology. It collects market data from numerous sources and stratifies it into groups to guide investors in placing accurate trades. The platform is accessible in any device, allowing users to trade cryptocurrency efficiently.

How Does Bitcoin Superstar Works?

Bitcoin Superstar is one of the most popular trading platforms in 2019. The trading app is accessible to any interested investors with internet. Like other trading robots, it buys and sells cryptocurrency to make a profit. Through the use of solid algorithms and state-of-the-art programming technology, the app effortlessly searches the cryptocurrency market and look for profitable exchanges on behalf of the user. It also has a friendly and simple user interface that is great for beginners. Testimonials found online claim that the software ensures that you make profits regardless of market scenarios and that it will only place trades when it is highly profitable.

How to Join Bitcoin Superstar?


To register, you need to fill in your personal information on the sign-up section on their homepage. The sign-up process requires your full name, email address, desired password, phone number, and your country of residence. In this step, the platform connects you to a broker and you will be asked to upload a clear photo of one of your valid IDs and a recent utility bill which contains your current address for verification.


Upon the approval of your registration, you can use the app for free. To begin trading, you will be required a minimum investment of 250 USD (though you can invest more) to fund your newly created account. Payment for the working capital can be done using bank cards like Visa and MasterCard, or other payment options, such as PayPal, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Fasapay, Neteller, Maestro and Webmoney.


Like other cryptocurrency trading robots, demo trading can also be utilized in Bitcoin Superstar. This step is entirely optional on most automated online trading platforms, but is rendered necessary to prevent losses during live trading. In this stage, clients can engage in simulations of live trading operations. This helps to assess the system’s efficiency once they start investing.


When the initial investment is already deposited in your account, you can start engaging in live trading by clicking the trade button. In using Bitcoin Superstar, live trading sessions happen with a single click.

Key Features

In online cryptocurrency trading, there are many features users are looking for an efficient platform for their investments. To provide a detailed review of the Bitcoin Superstar, here are some of its key features:


The payout system is fully automated. It starts after completing a live trading session. When the app users decide to withdraw cash from their account, it will be transferred immediately into their bank accounts or credit cards within 24 hours.


Bitcoin Superstar requires personal data and payment particulars (name, credit card, etc.) for quick verification. They claim that the platform is SSL secured and user data is encrypted.


To begin trading using the app, Bitcoin Superstar requires an initial investment of 250 USD to be deposited to your trading account via MasterCard and Visa or other payment options like PayPal, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Fasapay, Neteller, Maestro and Webmoney.


To withdraw funds from this platform, no charges will be incurred, and the cash will be available within 24 hours after withdrawal is requested. Bitcoin Superstar also claims that their clients can get their money instantly after engaging in every live trading session. Cash will be deposited using bank cards like MasterCard or Visa and other payment methods e.g. PayPal, Skrill, etc.


This online automated trading platform is claimed to be completely free. No hidden charges are incurred for downloads, usage, and withdrawals.


Fake testimonials are present on their website and endorsed on social media. The same cookie-cutter template is used in their homepage like other trading app scams. No authentic evidence from its investors is found about how a minimum investment of 250 USD can gain a thousand dollars after live trading sessions within three days to one week.


The trading app claims to provide a responsive 24/7 customer service that you can contact via email or live chat regardless of difference in time zones. With this feature, all interested investors can be accommodated whenever they have queries or troubleshooting concerns.


After registration and paying the minimum deposit, the trading app will directly connect the clients to the brokers’ list for them to choose the brokers they want. However, even though the software claims to have solid networks relevant to trading, there is no concrete evidence about their affiliations to licensed brokers. The platform utilizes offshore brokers for their investment-taking operations.

Bitcoin Superstar vs Other Trading Platforms


  • Free software (no charges incurred for usage, downloads and withdrawals)
  • Simple setup and quick verification
  • User friendly, especially for beginners of cryptocurrency trading
  • Low minimum investment
  • Remarkable payout system after live trading sessions


  • Not a licensed virtual currency exchange in select security commissions
  • Overly aggressive investment schemes and pushy tactics
  • Lacks important and relevant information on their homepage
  • High risk, lacks regulation and transparency
  • Excessive claims and negative reviews online by former users

Bitcoin Superstar Hoax

Authentic and recent data describe Bitcoin Superstar as a hoax and poses security risks. Like other scam cryptocurrency software, the investment-taking schemes of the Bitcoin Superstar are not authorized by select government banks due to regulation and transparency issues. Moreover, the said platform is not included in the list of licensed virtual currency in most international exchanges’ commissions. This trading app is one of many that has paid fake news, reviews, and endorsements for promotions and repeatedly recycled user testimonials on their homepage to persuade people. The public is reminded that it is always a red flag when an investment scheme directly asks for an upfront investment while claiming that it’s free.

Bitcoin Superstar App

Bitcoin Superstar is one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms online and claims to process millions of trades every day. Interested investors can access the auto trading platform after registration and an initial investment of 250 USD. No mobile app for Bitcoin Superstar is available for download on Google Play.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

In conclusion, Bitcoin Superstar is irrefutably a scam. It is one of those unauthorized virtual currency trading platforms that the public should be cautious of. This kind of investment scheme is really convincing when you do not pay attention to the important details. Extreme caution must be exercised.

Is Bitcoin Superstar Safe?

No. In this review, we found data explaining that the trading application poses several security risks. Select security commissions of countries confirmed that the platform is not a licensed virtual currency exchange and labeled Bitcoin Superstar as a scam along with other trading apps sharing the same investment scheme and tactics to attract investors.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Superstar?

Fair profits after depositing the initial investment and after completing the first live trading session is not unusual to most fraudulent cryptocurrency trading apps. This scheme is described as their “classic scam method” and it will take a toll on the clients in the long run. Their claims of earning a thousand dollars within the first week of trading with a minimum investment of 250 USD is too idealistic for a free trading app.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Superstar?

Do not invest in Bitcoin Superstar. This review provides reliable and recent information that the system poses security risk and is not considered a safe trading platform for your investments. Some of the red flags about this software include unauthorized investment-taking operations, fake advertisements, fake testimonials, paid fake reviews, similar cookie-cutter template used by many scams, collecting upfront investment and promising to earn profits in a short period.

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