Bitcoin SuperSplit: A Software that Does Most of the Jobs for Crypto Traders

In this review, we will not only learn about Bitcoin Supersplit, but we will also examine whether it’s a scam or a legit auto-trading robot.
Bitcoin SuperSplit Auto-Trading Platform Review
From a sluggish beginning in the past decade, cryptocurrency has now become one of the most intriguing earning conduit in the financial industry. Pioneered by Bitcoin (BTC), automated trades are now done in minutes and the claimed returns seem very high. However, behind these promising stories and popularity, many investors become vulnerable to scams.

What is Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Bitcoin Supersplit is a trading robot that claims to have a 99% win rate and a potential to get a 400% return under right market conditions. It uses AI like Deep Learning (Deep Learning) and Natural Learning Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning that creates algorithms. It also studies market trends to ensure high profitability.

How Does Bitcoin SuperSplit Work?

Like most trading robots, Bitcoin Supersplit is an automated software and does most of the jobs for traders. With the use of algorithms and artificial intelligence, it works to predict high-profit market trends. And out of its results, the software makes valuable trades in split seconds; thus ensuring high returns in no time.

Although it works automatically for the benefit of new users, traders have the option to manage it manually. You can customize your preferred settings and set parameters based on what strategies you want to use, risk levels, and the amount you want to invest.

How to Join Bitcoin SuperSplit?


For registration, they need to get your first and last name, email address, and mobile phone number. Before you open an account, they will ask for your consent that by submitting the registration, you have read and accepted their privacy policy and terms of conditions. When registering for something that involves your money, it’s always wise to look for these conditions first so that you really know what you are getting yourself into.


To have access to Bitcoin SuperSplit, you need to have a starting capital. The minimum allowable investment for this trading platform is 250 USD.


For new traders, you don’t have to worry because there is a learning center inside the platform. There are important features in the software that you need to learn first before you engage in live trading. Not all cryptocurrency software offer demo trading, so you might want to take advantage of that feature.


During the live trading sessions, the software will do much of the work for you. It will be the one to automatically look for potential trade partners that will provide promising returns on your investment. The software claims that it has a 99% win rate. There are a bunch of cryptocurrency out there, and honestly, I haven’t read and reviewed all of them. But this is my first time to hear that a program can give 400% returns considering that it only started more than a year ago.

Key Features

With its claims for incredibly high returns in a short period of time, Bitcoin SuperSplit software is now making quite an uproar in the cryptocurrency industry. To know more about it, let’s check some of its key features and functionalities so that you can gain knowledge on how it really works.


For payouts, requests can easily be submitted. It has an easy-to-use feature that will only ask for your password. The requests for payout are usually processed within 5 hours.


On Bitcoin SuperSplit’s website, just down below the registration section, is a note that asks for your approval that the contact details you provide will receive all marketing materials. Although not bluntly mentioned, it should include the verification process that you have to go through.


To start trading using Bitcoin SuperSplit software, a minimum amount of 250 USD is required as a starting capital. Using your credit card, you can deposit this and other amounts that you wish to trade.


Once your money earns, withdrawals can be done easily. Like your payouts, you just have to make a request for withdrawal and wait for 24-48 hours for the software’s approval.


Although the access to the software, usage, making deposits and withdrawals are free of charge, Bitcoin SuperSplit charges 2% commission for every profit earned while using the platform.


I tried searching in two of the most influential social media platforms namely Facebook and Youtube for testimonials about the Bitcoin Supersplit. Surprisingly, I found nothing. With its claim for a 99% win rate accuracy and allegedly 5,000 users, it’s odd that almost no one speaks about it.


It appears that the platform doesn’t have backend support. With that being said, if future technical problems arise, you may not know where to turn for help.


Bitcoin SuperSplit claims that they have partner brokers who facilitate all of the trader’s transactions. We can assume that that’s where the 2% commission goes.

Bitcoin SuperSplit vs Other Trading Platforms

As one of the new platforms, it is vital that we take a quick but careful look at Bitcoin SuperSplit’s pros and cons.


  • The platform is free and is designed for new traders
  • Fully automated
  • Quick deposits and withdrawals
  • Swift and easy registration


  • The platform is new and little is known about it
  • Lack of credibility (unknown owner/s and founder/s)
  • No customer service support
  • No mobile app available yet
  • No real testimonials available online
  • Uses false, unrealistic, and misleading advertisements and claims

Bitcoin SuperSplit Hoax

Based on a cautious study about this software, we can say that it appears to be a hoax. There are numerous auto-trading platforms out there, but this is the first time I encountered a platform that promises a 400% profit in just a day. This is clearly an overstatement. Aside from this, no name floats yet as to who developed, founded, and owns the software.

Bitcoin SuperSplit App

Bitcoin SuperSplit doesn’t have a mobile app yet. However, they offer a hybrid HTML5 mobile app that helps traders access the software using their mobile devices. They are still working on launching the app for IOS and Android devices

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

To wrap it up, Bitcoin SuperSplit software may be a scam. With the prevalence of unrealistic claims and false promises, it will be of great worth to study crypto trading carefully first.

Is Bitcoin SuperSplit Safe?

No. It’s not. Bitcoin SuperSplit seems to lack enough credibility to convince more people to invest in its crypto robot. Larger-than-life claims, fabricated and deceptive advertisements, and unrealistic rewards are just some of the red flags of this platform.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Yes. You still can. And that is only because Bitcoin, as a digital currency is legit. But it doesn’t mean that all platforms can make your money grow.

Why Invest With Bitcoin SuperSplit?

Be extremely cautious if you want to invest your money in this crypto robot. It’s like throwing a seed on a concrete road and hoping that someday it will bear fruits. With the technology laid on our fingertips, it is always best to study first where you should invest your money. At the end of the day, there’s no harm in conducting a deep investigation prior to putting your hard-earned cash anywhere you hope it might grow.

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