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Bitcoin Rush is a trading platform that excites investors to earn an average of 1,500 USD a day. It became popular in the market in 2013 and specific tests have validated its legitimacy. It is one of the latest innovations in the industry that is profoundly dynamic especially to those who are keen on investing. Aside from that, members who have already proved its high profitability made thousands of reviews circulating online. Moreover, you do not have to be an expert to use this robot because it is user-friendly and can make a profit quickly.

What is Bitcoin Rush?

This app grabbed the #1 spot in the trading software category (US Trading Association). Its efficiency and consistency help investors achieve financial freedom within months.

It has a reliable trading signal and performs at a 99.4% level of accuracy because of the most advanced programming used and has a software that is ahead of 0.01 seconds making it the most consistent trading app ever exist. This is also designed with a unique system of algorithms and seamless methods to increase its positive trading insights and useful data analysis. Read more in this Bitcoin Rush Review.

How Does Bitcoin Rush Works?

Bitcoin Rush scans crypto markets and uses trading signals to make fast and accurate decisions. Once it detects a profitable trade, it automatically executes actions in your trading account.

How to Join Bitcoin Rush?




The platform allows you to test the software and learn everything from it before risking any capital.


This feature orients you to limit, determine, and prepare for risks per trade. It has two live trading modes; automatic and manual. The automatic trading mode is faster to ensure that you’re making money throughout the day because the robot is trading on your behalf. While the manual trading mode gives you full control and requires more attention into detail. This mode best suits professional traders.

Key Features


In this system, you can make 800 USD from your minimum deposit of 250 USD making it unbelievable.


It is a high-speed and important feature that assures traders that all information is correct.


You can easily start with a minimum amount of 250 USD.


It allows users to withdraw money whenever they need it and the processing is less than 2 hours.


Bitcoin Rush only charges its traders every deposit and profit of your account.


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The primary broker is your software. For added security, Bitcoin Rush has provided the best brokers who are always there for advisory purposes, quality checks, and information. Brokers are well-affiliated.

Bitcoin Rush vs Other Trading Platforms


  • Possible high-ranking payout (high-profit ratio)
  • Easy to use
  • Instantly accessible customer service with available solutions 24/7 around the globe
  • Designed by licensed computer programmers and professional traders
  • Is always transparent


  • The online platform remains very attractive to hackers and criminals but Bitcoin Rush itself, so far, there is no proof that it is a fraud

Bitcoin Rush Hoax

Smart scammers give traders a fake app that immediately redirects them to a broker that uses a fraudulent platform. For instance, there was a broker named Ezcryptoplace with a registered business address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who cheated some traders using a fake platform. Aside from that, there are also fake news articles about Bitcoin Rush circulating that uses the name of leading celebrities and politicians. You may also notice that there are some fake reviews to collect affiliate commissions. All of these would make us conclude that Bitcoin Rush is a hoax but it isn’t. Always be careful of spoofed websites and spam messages. Call directly to the customer service for any suspicious transaction you will notice.

Bitcoin Rush App

Bitcoin Rush is accessible on a mobile device, a tablet, a laptop, and a desktop. There is no need for you to download an app because it is a completely web-based application and updates regularly.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

You will see a lot of positive feedback from users of the Bitcoin Rush. This revolutionary software is not a scam and is safe. It is a legitimate way to earn consistently and many users have proven it. The profit earning is high with accurate and correct results which give you the freedom to gain even from the first trade. Aside from that, Bitcoin Rush has gained respect from the global trading industry. Investors and traders achieve success in financial markets without worrying about how to analyze everything.

Is Bitcoin Pro Safe?

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