Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Legit? This Will Help You Decide!

As seen with the progressive rise of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Revolution has become infamous online especially in social media platforms in the past three years. This auto-trading platform claims to aid its investors by engaging in cryptocurrency trading.
Bitcoin Revolution Auto-Trading Platform Review


Starting from a minimum investment of 250 USD and the possibility to earn as much as one thousand dollars per day and become a millionaire in just 61 days. All of these happen in a seamless process.

In this auto-trading app review, we are going to look at their background, features, and functionality to reach a reliable and sound conclusion.

What is Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is software for cryptocurrency trading. The application utilizes algorithms for you to trade and benefit which can be manipulated according to your desired settings, whether automated or manual. This trading platform is accessible on any device with internet access and allows you to track exchanges. More information you can find in this article.

How Does Bitcoin Revolution Works?

Bitcoin Revolution works by creating an exchanging account through following a four-step process in their sign-up section on their homepage. First, you need to input your personal information which includes your full name, email address, contact number and country of residence for activation. After activation, you will be asked for an investment of 250 USD before you can start trading with brokers. You can shift from manual to automated operation (or vice versa) by changing the settings which claims to help you in tracking exchanges. Their customer support is also available in case you need their assistance during troubleshooting or queries.

How to Join Bitcoin Revolution?


In opening a new Bitcoin Revolution trading account, first, you need to input your personal information and present registration for activation on the sign-up section on their webpage. You need to fill in a form where you must provide your full name, email address, phone number, country of residence, and a password. After registration, you will be connected to a broker for further details.


When your account is activated, you will be asked for the first investment of as low as 250 USD (although you can contribute as much as you want in order to begin trading with the brokers using the platform). Payment methods include Mastercard, Visa, Neteller and Skrill.


The third step is “optional but recommended’ to avoid the losses. It is called “demonstration mode” wherein the platform performs trades like simulations of the real operations once you start depositing money in your account.


This last step is claimed to be the most essential step according to their webpage. Here, you can change the settings on how you want the trading robot to operate. The robot provides access to the history of operations, go to “open trades” and switch from demo to live account. The money you invested is utilized in trades only if you want to. The application asserts no charges and deposits and benefits are claimed to be completely withdrawable.

Bitcoin Revolution Key Features

It is entirely normal to be cautious and hesitant when you are going to start investing in an online trading platform. It is better to research first about the platform before investing a significant amount of money to avoid risks and losses that may be encountered in the future. To provide a detailed comprehensive summary of its functionality, here are the key features of the aforementioned platform:


Bitcoin Revolution’s payout system is claimed to be accurate and transparent. The payout system is described as “calculated” because investors receive their money after completing a live trading session. The platform also has an “up to 72h withdrawal” policy. When users decide to withdraw their money from their account, it is claimed to be available in their bank accounts or credit cards of choice within 72 hours.


Bitcoin Revolution has an obligatory and quick verification system that requires personal client data (name, credit card, etc.) and payment subtleties for confirmation instead of documents.


To begin trading Bitcoin with brokers using the software, Bitcoin Revolution requires a minimum investment of 250 USD to be deposited to your account (although you can contribute as much as you want) via different payment methods.


In withdrawing funds on this platform, no expenses are deducted, and the money will be available within 24 hours after presenting the withdrawal demand. It was also claimed that investors can get their money immediately after completing a live trading session. Money can be deposited via credit or debit cards.


Bitcoin Revolution is claimed to be free. No charges and expenses are required for use, downloads, or withdrawals.


No concrete information about how the minimum investment of 250 USD can turn into thousands in a day. Testimonials found on social media are unreliable.


Bitcoin Revolution software is claimed to provide an expansive customer service system to ensure all users can get help when necessary. The agents and staff are readily available in case you need assistance for troubleshooting and queries.


Though the company claims to have connections or partnerships with brokers, there is no concrete evidence that they are affiliated to any licensed brokers, government banks, virtual currency exchanges or digital assets for their operation.

Bitcoin Revolution vs Other Trading Platforms

Bitcoin Revolution has features that are great for beginners and those who do not know about Bitcoin trading. Below are some of the pros and cons of using it:


  • Free software (requires no charges and expenses)
  • Simple setup and quick verification
  • Utilizes demo accounts with client assistance
  • Low investment
  • Seamless withdrawals


  • Not registered as a corporation, partnership and virtual currency exchange
  • Promos investment schemes using fake celebrity endorsements in social media
  • Claims to have a success rate of 88-95% per transaction
  • Lacks consumer protection

Bitcoin Revolution Hoax

With the aforementioned collated data about Bitcoin Revolution, it can be concluded that usage of this software for your investments is risky. We found that the investment-taking activities of this software are not authorized by select government banks, particularly in the US. The alleged company also promotes its investment scheme through fake celebrity endorsements found on social media and other online platforms. Their claims to help their investors to become millionaires in just 61 days with 88-95% success rate per transaction through “trading robots” is already sketchy, to begin with. Caution should be exercised to avoid losses.

Bitcoin Revolution App

Bitcoin Revolution is an online platform for cryptocurrency trading which can be used manually or automatically to perform trades and track exchanges. Users of the software can access the auto trading platform after registration and the initial minimum investment of 250 USD. There is a mobile app for Bitcoin Revolution available on Google Play but contains a tremendous amount of negative reviews about market brokers, relentless spam calls that include private numbers you cannot block, and how it channels money using different aliases shared online. Caution should be exercised before proceeding further in using this app.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit?

It is undeniably a scam. It is one of those unauthorized and unregistered companies/partnerships that government banks advise the public to stop investing in, entities that promise tremendous rates of return with little or no risk.

Is Bitcoin Revolution Safe?

We found legitimate and recent data showing that the platform is risky. Recent data shows that Bitcoin Revolution is not registered as a corporation or partnership and is not authorized to solicit, accept or take investments from the public by select government banks.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Revolution?

There is no guarantee that an initial investment of 250 USD can lead up to a thousand dollars a day with an 88-95% success rate per transaction. Concrete information on social media about this money-making scheme are mostly fake and unreliable.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Revolution?

Although the software looks promising and works properly, the platform is undeniably a scam. From its unregistered and unauthorized investment-taking activities, lack of affiliations with licensed brokers and banks, fake celebrity endorsements, and too-good-to-be-true profit growth in a short period. This review is to remind you to only invest in authorized and registered corporations or partnerships.

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