Bitcoin Profit: A Trading Software ‘Smart’ Enough to Discern When Cryptos Will Rise and Fall

Wondering if Bitcoin Profit is the right auto-trading software for you? Hopefully, this will help you to determine if this software is scam or legit.
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You may have seen it through one of its testimonials. This may have come from huge celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Richard Branson, and Elon Musk. It may also have come from ordinary people who claim that they have made money from the system. But here’s the problem, you actually don’t know if you should believe them.

On this page, you’ll learn more about this platform. We will take a closer look at its features and processes as well as its pros and cons.

What is Bitcoin Profit?

Bitcoin Profit is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform. It claims to help you multiply your money by investing it in cryptocurrency. They claim that their software is ‘smart’ enough to discern when cryptos will rise and fall. Their robot then executes transactions based on these insights.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Works?

You are probably wondering how Bitcoin Profit works. Below are two things that the product claims that it can do:

  1. The software can predict the movement of the market through its ‘intelligent sensing system’. This allows the bot to discern when a cryptocurrency will rise or fall.
  2. The software will then execute transactions based on this data. If the bot thinks that a crypto will rise, it will buy. If fall, it will sell. All of these are done without your input. You can just stay on the sidelines and wait for your money to multiply on its own.

The problem with this approach is it sounds too good to be true. There is not enough proof that it works, but you can do your own research starting from this Bitcoin Profit review in

How to Join Bitcoin Profit?


You need an account to activate your transactions. To create an account, you just have to fill the form on their website. You just need to provide some personal details: full name, country of residence, email address, and phone number.

From here, the system will automatically assign a strong password to your account and you can log in.


While Bitcoin Profit is free to use, you still need to pay an initial deposit of 250 USD if you want to start trading cryptocurrencies. The app provides plenty of options for deposits such as Skrill, Safecharge, Trustpay, Safepay, and MerchantPay.


You can test the software and develop your trading strategies before you invest your money. It will also allow you to take a peek at the platform and its transaction process. In other words, it will help you familiarize yourself with the system so that you can manage risk and avoid loss.


Live trading is available once you deposit 250 USD into the platform. This is where you will have the option to either trade cryptos manually or automatically, I prefer the manual route for it helps me to look at the rise and fall of the currency and make decisions on that, but the software claims that it works better when automated.

Key Features


Bitcoin Profit claims that it doesn’t have a payout threshold. All your earnings will be credited into your account after each trading day. From here, you are free to withdraw these to your bank account. However, there is only an upper limit of 1,500 USD per day.


Verification happens automatically. They have email verification to verify profiles and they also verify transactions before executing them. It does this by asking for the personal details of the user before every transaction.


As mentioned, you’ll need an initial investment of 250 USD for the application to work. You are free to create an account and explore the platform without investing, but you will find that brokers will continuously call you to encourage you to start investing.


You have to initiate your withdrawal in your account. You need to file a request and their administrators will process this in 24 hours.


The fee policy of Bitcoin Profit is direct. They charge a small fee for every transaction made on their website. Opening an account is free. You can also trade freely. You are only charged once you withdraw your money.


The product homepage showcases several testimonials claiming that they made money with the application. However, there is no proof that this comes from real people. Most of the testimonials are similar to other fraudulent cryptocurrency applications in the market. Plus, it claims to have testimonials from personalities like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, but you will not be able to find their recommendation when you search for it on the search engines.


There is no prominent link to its contact page. It seems that the only means for the website to communicate with you is through the mobile phone that you will give them. This is not a good sign when it comes to proper customer service.


They claim to be affiliated with brokers from Investous and EuropeFX. These are groups of forex brokers who usually take money and then don’t report back. They are notorious for breaking the public trust so it may be best for you to stay away.

Bitcoin Profit vs Other Trading Platforms


  • Short time for withdrawals
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Easy registration process


  • Limited cryptocurrency selections
  • High risks due to high leverage
  • Claims to be affiliated with scam forex brokers
  • Makes fake claims that it is connected with certain celebrities

Bitcoin Profit Hoax

The income claims of Bitcoin Profit seems to be a hoax. While there are several testimonials on their page claiming that it has helped its users make money, there is not enough evidence that these testimonials are made by real people. It has also made claims that the software is supported by huge personalities like Richard Branson and Elon Musk. However, their reviews are not present anywhere on the Internet.

The largest red flag lies in its affiliation with forex brokers in EuropeFX and Investous. These companies have been tagged as unreliable by several investors. There are many scam reports claiming that they lost money through these brokers. This is a sign that Bitcoin Profit’s income claims may not be true.

Bitcoin Profit App

The Bitcoin Profit trading system is limited to its web platform. It can be accessed through a browser on your desktop or mobile phone.

There is no official app for this software. If you have seen one, it is probably not affiliated with Bitcoin Profit.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

Due to its affiliations with unreliable forex brokers and its dishonesty when it comes to its testimonials, Bitcoin Profit is clearly a scam. It is similar to other Bitcoin robots that make outrageous income claims without anything to show for it.

Is Bitcoin Profit Safe?

Bitcoin Profit is not safe. It may be best to skip the registration page. Don’t provide your personal details to them. Keep your email, full name, and mobile number safe. Also, please don’t give them your credit or debit card information.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Profit?

Does this mean that you can’t make money with this system? There is a chance that you can. It is still up to you if you think that this is worth your time and investment.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Profit?

You can invest in Bitcoin Profit if you are looking for a platform that will help you trade cryptos automatically. But you must do it at your own risk.

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