Bitcoin Money is an Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Platform that Claims to Win 8 Out of 10 Trades

You may have come across Bitcoin Money and are wondering if it is a scam or legit. You may have read some reviews, but found that they are just too good to be true.
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You’ll find all the information on this page helpful. It will help you decide if Bitcoin Money is the auto-trading app that is worth your money and trust.

What is Bitcoin Money?

Bitcoin Money is an application that will help you trade cryptos. It is created specifically for people who know nothing about crypto trading. Its main selling point is its automated process, where it analyzes the market using its technology so that it can bid on cryptos that have the highest chance of increase.

How Does Bitcoin Money Works?

Trading Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency requires time and effort. You need to study the market so that you can make intelligent investments; you also need to continually monitor the rise of the currency so that you can sell your cryptos at the right time. There are multiple factors at play when you trade cryptocurrency. These are:

  • Perfect timing when you sell
  • Ability to discern if a particular cryptocurrency will increase or decrease

What makes the app special?

Cryptocurrency apps like Bitcoin Money claim to take the guesswork out of the equation. They do this by implementing a computer-operated trading transactions for you.

In this system, the app has an intelligent robot that will look at the cryptocurrency market trends. You can set it to buy cryptos when they are cheap and sell when they rise in value. In addition to that, you don’t have to watch the rise and fall continually. You can just rest while the software trades for you.

Will it work accurately?

Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for its accuracy. Although the app claims that it can win 80% of the time, there is not enough proof that it can work in the way it says it can.

How to Join Bitcoin Money?


When you visit their website, you will see the registration form prominently placed at the top of the page. Creating an account is easy. You just need to give: Your name, Email Address, and Phone Number. You will receive a confirmation email once you sign up and you can start trading once you log into your account.


You need to deposit 250 USD for the app to work. This will be reflected as credits in your account. There are many ways to deposit your money. The company receives payment from a variety of channels. This include Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Web Money, Neteller, Maestro, and Wire Transfer.


Unfortunately, the app doesn’t have any free demo trading options. As mentioned, the trading features of the app will be activated once you make an initial investment.


Live trading happens once you make your 250 USD investment. From here, you have two options: manual and automated trading. For manual trading, the app will ask for your permission for every transaction that it does. Whereas, automated trading is where the robot is free to place bids for you.

Key Features


There is not enough information regarding payouts. It seems that there is no contact page to inquire about this either. This raises a red flag because it means that it is harder to get your payouts without a formal process.


The verification system is limited to email. This platform sends a confirmation email once you create an account. You need to confirm the email before you can log-in.


As mentioned, the software requires an initial deposit of 250 USD to unlock all its features. You can use different methods to do this. Your broker will guide you through the entire deposit process over the phone. We were able to do this because we registered an account and a broker immediately called us.


The app claims that it allows easy withdrawals. However, there is not enough data about this on their website. There is also no process for withdrawing money. You may need to talk with their customer service representatives to inquire about their process.


Bitcoin Money claims that it does not charge fees. This sounds too good to be true. It seems that the fee policy is not clearly stated. This is dangerous for it can be a source of confusion in case your money was lost due to failed transactions.


The website has tons of testimonials. There are even several reviews about the app that have been posted on different cryptocurrency websites. However, it is hard to verify if these are true. While there are people who claim that they made money with the app, they are either affiliates who are selling the app or they seem fictitious because the testimonials have no links to their website.


The lack of a contact page on their homepage is a clear sign that they are not that good with customer service. There are also almost no reviews mentioning that the app has a good 24/7 customer service system.


The software claims that the broker is the app itself. This is absurd because a broker should be a person who is registered in finance institutions. Else, they cannot be trusted. This app lacks a list of trusted brokers and only makes claims about their brokers that they cannot support.

Bitcoin Money vs Other Trading Platforms

Bitcoin Money is great because it has an easy sign up system, amazing onboarding experience, and it can really do transactions on your behalf. However, it lacks credibility. It still needs to provide proof to support their income claims and testimonials. A contact page must also be present in the product homepage.


  • Easy sign up system
  • Great customer service assistance for account setup and deposits
  • It can execute transactions on your behalf


  • Lack a contact page
  • Testimonials are not verified
  • Income claims are not verified
  • Registered brokers are not present

Bitcoin Money Hoax

While there are no articles or complaints written against Bitcoin Money, the lack of verification and evidence that it works can lead some people to think that it is a hoax. The company has to prove that it is different from all the similar software in the market. Its website seems to be an exact replica of other Bitcoin bots and it doesn’t seem to have its own testimonials. It just repeats the testimonials that are written in other Bitcoin applications. It is important that you carefully examine the app especially if you are planning to invest a significant amount of money in it.

Bitcoin Money App

I have searched the internet for its mobile app. However, it does not seem to exist. Bitcoin Money is an online app that can be displayed in different types of browsers. This means that it can be displayed on your mobile phone without having a standalone app.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

Due to the lack of evidences to prove its income claims and its surprising resemblance to other apps that have been tagged as scam, it seems that Bitcoin Money is also a scam.

Is Bitcoin Money Safe?

It seems that your money will not be safe in Bitcoin Money. Your personal information such as your credit card information may also get compromised if you disclose it to this website. This website does not seem to be safe.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Money?

While there is a chance that you can make money with this app, the lack of a proper withdrawal system and a reliable customer service system is not a good sign. While you can make money inside the system, you may not be able to withdraw your money.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Money?

It is best to keep your money and invest it in other systems. There is no guarantee that this app will work for you so it may not be good to invest your money in it.

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