Bitcoin Lifestyle: Auto-Trading App for People Who Wants to Go Into Crypto, But Lacks the Know-How

The software claims that it is backed up by the thorough analysis of registered brokers. You may be wondering if all of these are real. On this page, you’ll learn if Bitcoin Lifestyle is really worth your time and money.
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You may have heard of this auto-trading app and how it is endorsed by top personalities and celebrities. The software claims to work through its superior technology that is able to go through multiple currencies and make investments based on trends. It also appears that the software doesn’t make these decisions alone.

What is Bitcoin Lifestyle?

It is a software said to be backed up by an intelligent algorithm that is able to go through the cryptocurrency data sets and make investments based on its findings. It is an online trading platform for cryptocurrencies.

How Does Bitcoin Lifestyle Work?

Bitcoin Lifestyle claims to be a profitable cryptocurrency trading platform because it is an intelligent software that is able to study the market and intuitively make investments. Through this, the trader doesn’t need to go through the process of looking through each cryptocurrency to identify which one to invest in. The software will automatically do it for him. However, its profit model is far too similar with other cryptocurrency auto-trading software in the market making hollow promises.

How to Join Bitcoin Lifestyle?


You can easily sign up to Bitcoin Lifestyle through its homepage. The form can be prominently seen on the top of the page. It only requires some personal information such as your first name, last name, email address and mobile number. Once you register, a broker will be in touch with you to encourage you to sign up and invest your money. Aside from this, you will also receive a confirmation email which can redirect you to the login page.


You are required to deposit at least 250 Euro for the trading platform to start operating. While you don’t have to pay for anything to get access to the application, you will still need an initial investment if you want the software to start investing your money for you. The software claims that it accepts a variety of options but it seems that the options are limited based on the broker who is assigned to you.


It does have a demo option, but it is extremely limited. This is because you can only access the platform just to see how it works. With that restriction, you cannot start a trial investment. You can only start the investment process if you have already deposited 250 Euro in your account.


You can begin live trading by assessing your risk tolerance. In the platform, you can determine this by setting up how much money you are willing to lose. There is also training built inside the system. The company claims that you must train for at least 8 hours a day to understand how the platform works. This way, you will make more money as the application learns your investment behavior. However, the process is still far too similar with other software packages to have any basis for its profitability claims.

Key Features


Payouts can be claimed by filling up a form in the Settings section of the software. Aside from the fact that you can set how much money you are willing to lose, you can also set how much money you can withdraw.


It claims to have a secure verification system that is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant, but it seems to be an empty claim. The software takes your personal data and it doesn’t have a secure system that promises they will not use your data for other purposes. This is dangerous and should be avoided.


The software claims that it is able to receive money from various sources. However, the sources seem to be limited based on the broker that is assigned to you upon registration.


As with all Bitcoin trading apps, you will have to fill a form if you want to withdraw your money from the platform. When you do this, you will not get your money straight to your bank account. You will have to wait at least 24 hours to see if your money is reflected back into your account.


The software claims to be free. Well, it is if you only plan to register an account and see how it works. But if you have to really use it by investing your money, you will find that it can incur a range of extra costs . The worst part is that these fees are not even disclosed in the platform.


There are plenty of income claims on the product homepage. While these are not testimonials, they have people that claimed to have made money from the software.


Programs like this always claim that they have a highly responsive customer service. It is there but they don’t assist you aside from the basic investment processes. They help you to get on board but they don’t assist you as much with withdrawals and the investing process.


They claim that they have brokers from 24Option and UFX. But these are still unverified; it seems that they don’t have regulated brokers on their team.

Bitcoin Lifestyle vs Other Trading Platforms

You will like the software because of its seamless onboarding process. When you sign up, a broker will assist you so you’ll get started by depositing 250 Euro. It is a great place to learn cryptocurrency trading.

However, the automated trading system is just too good to be true. There are fees and a slow withdrawal process. Testimonials also seem to be fake and unverified.


  • Easy signup system
  • Live trading training


  • Not regulated
  • Hidden fees
  • Fake testimonials
  • Unresponsive customer service team
  • Slow withdrawal process

Bitcoin Lifestyle Hoax

One of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated by Bitcoin Lifestyle is the fact that it associates itself with different personalities. In the Philippines, for example, it claims to be recommended by the President as a cure for poverty. Making such claims can mislead a lot of people into thinking that it works because it is backed up by popular personalities. But all of these are a hoax. It associates itself with big personalities in order to win the trust of its audience. But this practice will backfire once its audience were able to do a background check on the company.

Bitcoin Lifestyle App

Bitcoin Lifestyle is an web-based cryptocurrency trading platform. However, there is no official app for it. If you find a mobile app with a similar name, remember that it is not associated with Bitcoin Lifestyle.

Conclusion: Is It Scam or Legit

With all the red flags, Bitcoin Lifestyle is definitely a scam. Your hard earned money is better allocated to other auto-trading platforms instead.

Is Bitcoin Lifestyle Safe?

Bitcoin Lifestyle doesn’t seem to be safe. The verification system is erroneous and you may risk your personal information by sharing it with the app. Also, it is only able to make money from your investments through spread betting. This is not safe if you want to get more profits from your investments.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Lifestyle?

There is a chance that you can make money with the platform, but it is far too low. If you invest in this software, you are putting your investments in the hands of a robot that will just distribute your money as it sees fit. There is a great chance that you will lose everything in this investment model.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Lifestyle?

We suggest that you keep your money and don’t invest in Bitcoin Lifestyle. There are other ways to grow your money and investing it in an automated cryptocurrency trading software is not what you are looking for. It may be best to study the cryptocurrency trading market yourself so that you can make wise investments.

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