Bitcoin Era: Looking for an Auto-Trading App That Can Quickly Scan the Crypto Market for Profitable Trades?

In this review, we will explore the features of Bitcoin Era, its functionality and other related information to validate the claims and to help you decide whether it’s legitimate cryptocurrency auto-trading software or another big red flag.
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Cryptocurrency trading is greatly promoted online in the past years and is described as the “future of money” of the emerging futuristic era. However, with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies comes various scams. Bitcoin Era is another cryptocurrency platform that has recently gained attention on social media due to its persuasive endorsements and testimonials. Like other auto-trading robots in its league, this software also claims to help potential investors earn substantial profits from a low investment with ease.

What is Bitcoin Era?

Bitcoin Era is an online automated platform for cryptocurrency trading. Similar to other auto trading robots, it attracts potential investors by promising a tremendous amount of profit from a low investment of 250 USD in a short duration. The trading app claims to have a 99.4% win rate and is faster than other apps by 0.01 seconds in finding potential trades. User testimonials, paid endorsements, and reviews about this platform are promoted online in the past years. You can learn more about how profitable the platform is from this Bitcoin Era review.

How Does Bitcoin Era Works?

Bitcoin Era is publicized as a cryptocurrency platform reserved for aspiring millionaires. Its features and functionality are promoted on their homepage and sales page along with other paid endorsements on social media. Like other auto-trading robots, Bitcoin Era can quickly scan the cryptocurrency market with ease to look for profitable exchanges and can automatically place trades for you. This is made possible by algorithms and their cutting-edge programming technology. The trading app also utilizes a simple and quick verification process to register and deposit money.

How to Join Bitcoin Era?


To join Bitcoin Era, you need to sign up and fill in your personal information on the sign-up section on their homepage. The process requires your basic information including your full name, email address, phone number, country of residence, and your desired password. A confirmation will be sent to your email address for verification before you can log-in to your newly created account.


To fully activate your account in Bitcoin Era, you will be required an initial investment of 250 USD to begin trading. This primary fund can be deposited through typical payment methods like MasterCard and Visa, or other payment options, such as PayPal and Webmoney.


Like other cryptocurrency platforms found online, demo trading is also utilized in Bitcoin Era. With this feature, you can engage in simulations within the trading circles to familiarize yourself with the basics and to evaluate the efficiency and productivity of the system. Even though optional, this step is highly recommended in most automated trading apps to avoid significant losses.


When enough funds are already deposited in your account, you can begin with the actual trading process. You can use “auto-trading” to place trades by specifying your desired credit limit, price, and which cryptocurrency you want to trade. Although you can always use manual trading to place trades, the platform recommends the use of “trading robots” during live-trading sessions.

Key Features

In online cryptocurrency trading, users are looking for an efficient platform for their investments specifically for their deposits and withdrawals. To provide a comprehensive review of the Bitcoin Era, here are some of its key features:


The payout system of Bitcoin Era is automated and claims to be accurate and transparent. It starts after completing a live trading session. When you decide to withdraw money from your account, it will be transferred immediately into your linked bank accounts or credit cards within 24 hours.


Regarding security, Bitcoin Era claims that they use SSL and your information is encrypted so that data is inaccessible by external parties. The platform employs a two-step authentication process which requires user data and payment details (name, credit card, etc.).


To withdraw money from Bitcoin Era, you need to complete a live trading session first. You can directly transfer your profits or trading capital to your linked bank account. No charges are incurred in this process and they claim that the cash can be deposited on the linked bank cards like MasterCard or Visa within 24 hours after withdrawal demand is specified.


Bitcoin Era is claimed to be a free software. No charges are incurred and no commissions are involved for downloads, use, and withdrawals.


Unreliable user testimonials of their supposed successful traders are showcased on their sales page. Their sales page uses the same group of people’s images from other websites, but changes their names, locations, and amount of profits made. Most of the stories are prevalent on social media along with fake celebrity endorsements. These persuasive testimonials from investors about how to profit exponentially from using this trading platform is already a sign of a scam.


The platform claims to have a responsive customer helpdesk available 24/7 in assuring that all potential investors can get help for any concerns and queries regardless of different time zones. During post-registration, the software also offers a 24/7 live chat and call service for its clients.


Even though the software claims to have networks inside trading circles, there is no tangible and valid evidence about their registration as a licensed virtual currency exchange from government security commissions. The platform also employs the classic scam method of using offshore brokers for their operations.

Bitcoin Era vs Other Trading Platforms


  • Great for beginners trading Bitcoin
  • Free software (no charges and expenses)
  • Quick registration and verification with a low initial investment
  • User friendly (easy to use)
  • Efficient payout system after trading sessions


  • Not licensed as a virtual currency exchange in select security commissions
  • Assertive and persuasive schemes (including fake celebrity endorsements and persistent spam calls)
  • Claims to have a win rate of 99.4%
  • Lacks regulation and transparency
  • Holds negative reviews and excessive complaints from scammed clients

Bitcoin Pro Hoax

Recent data support that Bitcoin Era is clearly a hoax. This sound conclusion was deduced after collecting enough data about the trading platform. Like other problematic cryptocurrency software, investment-taking schemes of the Bitcoin Era are not authorized by government banks and is not included in the list of licensed virtual currency exchanges due to transparency and regulation issues. This one has paid endorsements online but is flagged by excessive complaints from clients who get scammed. The public is reminded to look for credible and reputable platforms for their investments.

Bitcoin Pro App

Bitcoin Era is a cryptocurrency trading platform which can be accessed online on any device. It is claimed to be available on all desktop OS versions. A mobile app for Bitcoin Era offered by Automatex is available for download on Google Play, but currently holds a 1.5-stars review along with negative comments about inaccessibility. The app is also marked with a red flag labeling it as “inappropriate” which means it was repeatedly reported for content issues and violations.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

Bitcoin Era is one of those unauthorized virtual currency exchanges that the public should be wary of, an international scam. This kind of platform is quite persuasive, so absolute caution must be exercised before proceeding.

Is Bitcoin Era Safe?

No. In this review, we found legitimate data revealing that the trading platform poses risk. Current data dated early this year describe that Bitcoin Era is not a licensed virtual currency exchange and is not authorized to solicit investments from the public, such as in the Philippines, Portugal, and the United States of America. Beware of fake positive reviews about this software.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Era?

Moderate gains after depositing the initial investment are common on most scam cryptocurrency platforms. This quick rich scheme is a classic scam method. The possibility of earning 50 USD profit within the first six months from 250 USD and a thousand dollars in the future is far fetched.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Era?

Even though the software looks promising and functions properly, the platform is not a safe trading platform for your investments. This review provides authentic and recent data that the system poses security risk and is undeniably considered a scam. Some of the red flags about this software include fake advertisements, unauthorized investment-taking activities, offshore brokers, pushy tactics, and a time leap scheme in earning profits in a short period. The public is reminded to only invest in authorized virtual exchange currencies from your country of residence to avoid losses and trouble with government banks.

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