Want to Earn Consistent Passive Income with Bitcoin Circuit?

Crypto trading has progressively risen to fame due to the upsurge brought by Bitcoin. The use of Bitcoin paved the way for numerous auto-trading robots.
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However, engaging in these trading apps can be quite risky due to a lack of regulation and transparency. Bitcoin Circuit is one of the cryptocurrency trading platforms that offer interested investors a chance to earn consistent passive income with ease.

In this review, we will examine all the features of this software, its functionality, and other linked information to arrive at a sound conclusion.

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

It is an online trading system that uses robots to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. This software utilizes AI-based machine learning technology to effortlessly search for highly profitable exchanges in seconds. It claims to have a 99.4% accuracy rate in finding profitable trades and appeals to potential investors by promising a substantial amount of profit in no time.

How Does Bitcoin Circuit Work?

Like other auto-trading apps, Bitcoin Circuit trades cryptocurrencies. The software can efficiently scan crypto markets to look for profitable exchanges. Also, it can place trades on the client’s behalf. Through the use of algorithms and state-of-the-art programming technology, these can happen seamlessly and systematically. The software claims that the presented deals are mostly profitable regardless of the current market condition. Clients’ profits are directly transferred to their accounts and can be reinvested or withdrawn within 24 hours.

How to Join Bitcoin Circuit?

To use this software, you have to join and follow a four-step sign-up process. Below are the detailed descriptions of the stages along with the information you must provide.


To properly register, you need to input your personal information on the sign-up section on their homepage. Requirements involved: Full name, email address, phone number, country of residence, and password. Confirmation will be sent to your email address for quick verification before you can log-in to your account. You will be notified again if your account is already registered.


Once the registration is completed, the software redirects you to its partner broker page. In this step, you are required to verify your identity and current address by presenting a valid ID card and a recent bill. After verification, you will be required an initial investment of 250 USD which will serve as your trading capital. This can be deposited using debit and credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, or other payment methods such as PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney.


Through this feature, you can participate in simulations of live trading sessions to be familiar with the fundamentals of trading and its risk management. Even though optional, the use of this key feature is recommended to reduce risks after investing.


After familiarizing yourself with the basics, you can now engage with real-time trading. Users of Bitcoin Circuit can now use ‘auto-trading’ to search for profitable trades and state their desired credit limit and price. Live trading using Bitcoin Circuit involves opening and closing trading sessions by toggling the live button.

Key Features

Excellent features are vital components of an efficient and systematic trading platform. These are looked for by interested users. To provide a comprehensive review of the Bitcoin Circuit, here are some of its key features:


The trading app’s payout system is fully automated and claims to be accurate. It is accessible after you complete a live trading session. When you decide to withdraw profits from your exchanging account, it will be transferred immediately into your linked bank cards or e-wallets within 24 hours.


Bitcoin Circuit claims that they use SSL as their primary security to ensure data integrity and privacy. With this encrypted internet security protocol, client information is inaccessible by external parties. A two-step authentication process is used by the platform which requires client data and payment details for quick verification.


Bitcoin Circuit requires an initial investment of 250 USD to be deposited using various payment methods, such as debit or credit cards like MasterCard or Visa or e-wallets like Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, and Webmoney.


To withdraw money from Bitcoin Circuit, a live trading session should be completed first. No hidden charges are incurred in this process and the cash can be immediately transferred into your linked bank cards like MasterCard or Visa within 24 hours after presenting withdrawal demand.


Bitcoin Circuit is claimed to be free software. No hidden charges and commissions are incurred for downloads, usage, and withdrawals. Select reviews found online asserted that brokerage fees are deducted by affiliated offshore brokers.


Recycled user testimonials of their pretend successful traders are displayed on their sales page. Like the other scam auto trading robots, Bitcoin Circuit utilizes the same set of people’s images but changed their names, locations, and amount of profits earned. Numerous success stories are found on social media along with fake celebrity endorsements and paid reviews.


The trading app claims to have a responsive customer service available 24/7, guaranteeing that all their users can get help for any queries and concerns. The software also extends a 24/7 live chat and call service for its fully registered clients.


After registration and deposit, Bitcoin Circuit will redirect the investors to partner brokers for quick verification. However, while the software claims to be affiliated with brokers within the trading circle, there is no valid proof about their connections.

Bitcoin Circuit vs Other Trading Platforms


  • User-friendly, excellent for beginners
  • Free software (no hidden charges and commissions)
  • Easy and quick registration with a low investment
  • Responsive customer helpdesk available 24/7
  • SSL secured and fast payout system for withdrawals


  • No regulation and transparency; has trouble in select security commissions
  • Requires immediate and upfront investment to start
  • Shares the same cookie-cutter template like most fraudulent trading apps
  • Cloned app; duplicated in no less than six documented scam cases
  • Excessive claims and negative reviews online

Bitcoin Circuit Hoax

In this review, we found irrefutable evidence that the software is a hoax and is one of those blacklisted programs.

Like other auto-trading robots, the trading app has been cloned in no less than six (6) documented cases using the same cookie-cutter template and user interface but with a different name, logo, and graphic design. The upfront investment-soliciting activities of Bitcoin Circuit are not authorized by most securities commissions worldwide due to transparency and regulation concerns. This platform has paid for fake reviews, endorsements, and recycled testimonials to attract potential investors, specifically aspiring millionaires.

The public is reminded to be cautious of these frauds and seek alternative platforms for investments.

Bitcoin Circuit App

Bitcoin Circuit is a cryptocurrency trading platform which can be accessed online on any device. It is claimed to be accessible on all desktop and phone OS versions. However, no mobile app for Bitcoin Circuit is available for download on Google Play.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

Bitcoin Circuit is a scam and a losing trading platform. It is a blacklisted trading app that recurrently uses cheap tactics to appeal to aspiring millionaires.

Is Bitcoin Circuit Safe?

No. This trading app is not a safe platform for your investments as it poses high-security risks, particularly your financial information. Like other scam trading robots, Bitcoin Circuit is a cloned or copied software that has been recycled numerous times by different affiliate networks and media agencies. Bitcoin Circuit shares the same sales video, sales pitch, recycled user testimonials, and fake celebrity endorsements with other fraudulent trading apps. It’s a replica, but uses a different name, logo, and graphic design.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Circuit?

Fake and recycled user testimonials are found on their homepage and sales page that claim high amounts of profits were earned in three days or a single week. This quick- rich scheme is disturbingly persuasive and is shared by most scam cryptocurrency platforms to fish for potential investors. The concept is too-good-to-be-true for a trading platform.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Circuit?

Do not make investments with Bitcoin Circuit. Although the software looks good and functions properly at first use, it is one of those blacklisted cloned apps copied from the system of scam cryptocurrency trading platforms by various affiliate networks and agencies. This review highlights the need to exercise caution before investing your money with various crypto trading platforms. The public is reminded to look for alternative avenues for investments.

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