Is Bitcoin Boom an Accurate, Transparent, and Reliable Auto-Trading Platform?

Does Bitcoin Boom exist? Investigation shows that it is real and legit. It is a famous automated trading robot in the global crypto market. It uses intelligent computer algorithms that conduct seamless trading functions.
Bitcoin Boom Auto-Trading Platform Review

In this review, join me as we examine its features and see why this trading software is highly profitable. We will give hints to help you get the most out of this top-rating robot. Below is an in-depth analysis.

What is Bitcoin Boom?

It is a trading robot that depends on automated crypto traders’ strategies. Its artificial intelligence (AI) can quickly adapt to fluctuating market conditions.

Like other Bitcoin trading robots, the minimum trading capital is 250 USD. All deposits made through this platform go to their regulated brokers.

However, it is still on beta testing. So, there is a possibility that users will need to pay a license fee soon. We recommend that you grab the opportunity and start trading right away.

How Does Bitcoin Boom Work?

Bitcoin Boom depends on advanced technologies that enable it to analyze massive data within a fraction of a second and execute trades fast, making it highly profitable.

The account opening is straightforward and secure. It is vital to know that this trading platform is only available in countries with regulated brokers.

How to Join Bitcoin Boom?


To start the registration process, you need to provide your: Name, email address, phone number. It will redirect you to the verification page to validate your information. The data submitted through this software is secure because the platform does not share users’ data with third parties.


After successful registration and verification, you are required to deposit a minimum amount of 250 USD. It accepts multiple deposit methods such as Visa, Master Card, Paytrio, Vload, and VoguePay. It facilitates all transactions within 24 to 48 hours.


The demo trading shows you the real “web-trader” before live trading. It allows you to test the software and teach how to limit, manage, and prepare for the risks per trade before investing any capital. Professional traders suggest that you start with the “demo trader” first, because it will give you a feel of the real “web-trader” without risking your deposit.


After the demo trading, you can now start earning profits through live trading. It involves studying the trading conditions, and switching the “web-trader” on; the robot will do the rest for you. If you are a new user, you need to specify your “stop-loss” limit and “take-profit” features.

To explain this further, the “stop-loss” feature is the level of risk you are willing to take. While the “take-profit” is the level at which you are willing to close the trade.

The trading conditions are obvious, but there is a guide to help you understand them better.

Key Features

We know that this software conducts fully-automated trade with access to a massive range of trading signals. Its platform is user-friendly and helps the users to navigate rapidly.


When users want to cash out funds, they send payout requests. The system will check if there are sufficient funds to cover the amount requested. After that, the available funds are ready to be transferred into the user's digital wallet.


Bitcoin Boom has a fast and accurate verification system that assures users that all coded information is correct. Nevertheless, in some cases, some brokers allow users to proceed to deposit and trade before the verification process. Still, they require the users to complete the verification process before initiating any withdrawal.


Fill-out the request form for withdrawal of profits, and wait for 24 to 48 hours for the transaction to be executed.


Bitcoin Boom itself has no fees, but note that it receives advertising fees from the brokers and advertisers. It happens when the users open their accounts and drive traffic to the website.


Cryptocurrency enthusiasts go crazy over this platform, and some exciting events happened throughout the years. Day-to-day activities take place within the global market, and I want to share with you guys some of their customer reviews that you don't want to miss.

Ava76 says: Bitcoin Boom is among the best trading robots.

Sophia87 says: Bitcoin Boom is awesome. I made $500 in two hours.

melia86 says: Bitcoin Boom rocks! I made a profit of $1k in a day. Thank you for this review!

Lee says: I began exchanging on Bitcoin Boom and made $300 in a week. Thanks much.


It has friendly customer representatives who will attend to your concerns 24/7.


Users may check and decide which broker to choose before funding the account. A legit broker should follow all rules and regulations. But you don't have to worry because it has legit partner brokers.

Bitcoin Boom vs Other Trading Platforms


  • High-profit ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Friendly customer support with 24/7 availability
  • Transparency and accuracy
  • Seamless deposit and withdrawal
  • Decentralized and reliable trading platforms


  • Criminals are attracted to it and they will do everything to hack your account. They will send you Blackmail Scam, Online Chain Referral Schemes, Bogus Investment, and Business Opportunities. Criminals are deceptive, but this auto-trading app has no record that proves that it is a scam.

Bitcoin Boom Hoax

Scammers always use fake testimonials to attract people into their traps. As Bitcoin Boom becomes more popular, even more people want to register. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of this and set up fake Bitcoin exchanges. The fraudulent transactions trick users by offering competitive market prices. After that, they will hack your account.

Bitcoin Boom App

It is a web-based application that updates every second. Bitcoin Boom is available on a desktop and mobile devices.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

As mentioned earlier, this robot is accurate, transparent, and reliable. The testimonials from real people makes it legit. It seems to be a perfect option for people looking for ways to earn more profits. Once you register and start trading, you can sit back and enjoy your trading experience.

Is Bitcoin Boom Safe?

Investigation shows that software is highly secure. It has a proper encryption, and there is a cyber team who will respond to any data breach threat. Moreover, it has licensed partner brokers to ensure that your money is safe.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Boom?

Yes! Because this robot makes a daily return of up to 5,000 USD per day from a deposit of 1,000 USD and below.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Boom?

Bitcoin Boom is secure with trusted third-parties through a global transaction network. As a result, investing in this platform helps users build more diversified portfolios.

Bitcoin Boom is growing faster every day. And the foundations of its increasing value over the years still exist. That’s why today is the best time to invest.

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