Bitcoin Aussie System: 97% Win Rate Crypto Trading Software Based in Australia

This platform is promising as it claims to generate tremendous returns in a matter of minutes. In this review, we will examine if Bitcoin Aussie System is a scam or legit.
Bitcoin Aussie System Auto-Trading Platform Review
Man’s never-ending quest for wealth has never been so dramatic than today. Like almost everything around us, currencies have gone digital. Bitcoin is perhaps the most popular cryptocurrency today and Bitcoin Aussie System is one of the programs that trades Bitcoin. However, it could lead to scams intended by opportunists to take advantage of investors who lack a complete knowledge on how Bitcoin works.

What is Bitcoin Aussie System?

Bitcoin Aussie System is a cryptocurrency trading software based in Australia that automatically trades for its investors. With its claim of 97% win rate, its accuracy is based on a powerful algorithm. It assures its investors that they could at least double their returns within 24 hours.

How Does Bitcoin Aussie System Work?

The Bitcoin Aussie System is automated. Its algorithm is enhanced by an artificial intelligence that interprets cryptocurrency trading trends and makes sure that they are ahead of the market. Its software executes efficient strategies to ensure high profitability and returns. The application also uses high-speed trading predictions in a split second, powered by its tremendous data sources to optimize the accuracy of the prediction thereby securing the trade and revenue. For beginners, the application is user-friendly. All you need to do is to log in, activate auto trade, and the application will do the rest for you.

How to Join Bitcoin Aussie System?


You can simply register for free to begin your journey. All you need to do is go to their website and register with the following information: First name, last name, email address, and mobile number. You have to enter accurate information because notifications and verification procedures will be sent to your contact details.


After the registration, you will be required to deposit an initial investment. The minimum allowable trading amount is 250 USD. Once the money is deposited into your account, you can access the app and begin trading right away.


For beginners, it’s advisable to use the demo trading feature. It allows you to be familiar with how the software works. This will help you feel comfortable and secured as you take your first few steps in the trading world. However, the Bitcoin Aussie System doesn’t offer free demo trading.


Live trading is where your true adventure begins – here, you will use real money. The Bitcoin Aussie System assures its traders that everything is automated. The application will do much of the work for you. With that being said, and if there’s no manual trading that you can be in control of, you would lose the freedom to set some parameters.

Key Features

As the Bitcoin Aussie System gains popularity in the investment industry, many people become curious about it. One possible question that they may have in common is how they will use its application and how quickly they’ll get used to it. To provide answers to these and other future questions, here are some of its key features.


The payout arrangement is very simple and functions without any delay. You can easily see it on the app because it’s one of the functions that you will use the most. You just have to fill out a form in the software, and you’re good to go. The money earned from a trade can be transferred to and should reflect in your personal account within 24 hours.


During your registration, the software will ask for your email and mobile number. They’ll use these details to send you notifications especially when you already made a deposit. However, two-factor authentication is missing. They don’t ask for security questions to authenticate your account.


To begin trading with real money, Aussie Bitcoin System will ask a minimum amount of 250 USD as your initial capital. You can use your credit card to make a deposit. The system will tell you what other mode of payment is accepted.


Withdrawals from Bitcoin Aussie System are totally free of charge and without limit. All you need to do is to fill out a request form on the app, provide your password, and submit it. The request will be processed in less than 24 hours and you can expect that the money will be ready once you receive the confirmation through email and SMS.


The software claims that there are absolutely no extra fees that you need to pay. Trading including all transactions and withdrawals are free of charge and that nothing is for sale in the application.


Testimonials and success stories from their traders are available on their official website and comments on some videos on Youtube stating that its algorithm really works and some say that they already have their first withdrawal. There are less than 8 people who provided the comments and were probably paid to do it. It’s very easy nowadays to make such claims.


The Bitcoin Aussie System doesn’t claim that they have customer service but assures that everything that the trader needs is already in the software.


The Bitcoin Aussie System is not affiliated to any online stockbroker firms as its transactions are fully managed by its software.

Bitcoin Aussie System vs Other Trading Platforms


  • The software is free of charge
  • User-friendly and is fully automated
  • Easy registration
  • Quick and easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Software is designed for new traders


  • No Customer service for traders’ inquiries
  • Not regulated and transparent
  • No back up support from brokers
  • No mobile app
  • No Demo Trading provided for beginners
  • Lack of credibility
  • Sets too much expectations from investors
  • Makes false promises by telling it’s risk-free when there are always risks in investing
  • Uses fake testimonials and false advertisements

Bitcoin Aussie System Hoax

After a careful analysis, we have reasons to believe that the Bitcoin Aussie System is a hoax and is deceitful in every way. Like other fraudulent groups, they make unrealistic claims of “risk-free” transactions and give false promises to people who want to become wealthy in a short amount of time. Their 97% win rate is also an overstatement. According to, a Bitcoin’s price can only be predicted to be a little over 80%. Above all, the identity of its founder and developer Jasper Boyle appears to be very mysterious. Almost if not all people searching about him end up to one conclusion: He doesn’t exist.

Bitcoin Aussie System App

Right now, Bitcoin Aussie System App is not yet available on either Google Play or Apple App Store for download. However, its official website in which the trader can register, deposit, and trade is accessible to all devices. There’s also no announcement when it will be available for download.

Conclusion: Is it Scam or Legit

In a nutshell, the Bitcoin Aussie System may be one of the biggest scams in the cryptocurrency industry. It could be a serious mistake to venture your precious money with them. Before you invest, I highly suggest that you conduct your own investigation. Always bear in mind that there’s always a risk when you let your money go out of your pocket.

Is Bitcoin Aussie System Safe?

No, it’s not. Bitcoin Aussie System seems to be covered with deceitfulness, misinformation, and false advertisement. From its non-existent founder and software developer Jasper Boyle, to its fake videos of successful trades from unreliable sources, it’s undoubtedly an unsafe place for your money.

Can You Make Money With Bitcoin Aussie System?

Please don’t lose faith in the cryptocurrency because of this platform. Yes, you can still gain because some amount of your investment still go to real trading digitally. However, the possibility of it bouncing back double in a matter of minutes and quadrupling in the next 24 hours is a total lie.

Why Invest With Bitcoin Aussie System?

It is always best to exercise caution when investing; conduct due diligence if Bitcoin Aussie System is really for you. Do not ever invest your hard-earned money in crypto platforms that you have no knowledge about. Disappointment and regret will most likely follow later on if not immediately for incorrect investments. This review provides you reliable information about cryptocurrency and will help you secure your finances in the future.

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