Affiliate Marketing – Still Viable?

affiliate marketing still viable today?Affiliate Marketing is another of those things which got somewhat more difficult over the last years.

As so often, one major reason is “changes” Google made – and by coincidence, those changes are mostly negative for the typical Affiliate Marketer.

Let us look at some of those changes.

Adwords Kicking Out Affiliate Marketers

Google’s Adwords has really become almost impossible to use anymore since Google considers affiliate marketers in general a “bad source of revenue”. This is insofar true as we see that many affiliate marketers to in fact promote low quality products on even more low quality sites.

There have been user complaints as well, for example in the health sector, where people complained about search results in Google when they were looking for help – but were facing misleading affiliate sites instead.

As a consequence, Google booted many advertisers from Adwords or simply sees anything related to Affiliate Marketing as something negative.

The webmaster has to come up with new ways to promote, such as SEO, social marketing and so forth.

But things there have not gotten easier – the opposite is the case.

Social Media Doesn’t Like Affiliates

Social media such as squidoo, facebook and the zillions of others long ago started to “punish” anyone attempting to sell “too hard”, I personally remember Squidoo already booting many advertisers a couple years ago, at a time where the words “Panda” or “Penguin” did not even have a meaning for SEO yet.

Entire niches were put on the blacklist, you could not promote health products anymore such as hair loss, acne and similar – regardless of the quality of your content accounts were simply terminated right away.

Social Media Is Not A Place For Marketers

One big mistake many make is to go into social media marketing with the typical “marketer mindset”, but utterly fail by doing so.

Social media’s main purpose if relationship building, communicating and interacting with people. “Selling” is a big no-no, people have become much, much smarter in seeing the truth.

If you try to sell at any costs, you will not be successful on social media. This is a simple fact.

However, if done right, you can use it to build your brand and trust.

Is affiliate marketing still a viable way for income today?

Personally, I’d say yes if the marketer realized the signs of the times and is able to change his/her mindset. It needs to be subtle and as with other forms of marketing, quality needs to have priority. If those factors are right, It can still be profitable.

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