3 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Social Media for Your Marketing Right Away…

Do you have a business that you’re trying to create attention for?  Are you trying to make a name for yourself either as an artist or performer online? If either of these things is true…and you’ve been on the fence as far as social media is concerned…then you’ve got to jump down off that fence right away.

The truth is if you’re not using social networks and social media marketing, then you’re leaving tons and tons of money, business, and/or fans on the table.

Social media is not a fad. This should be obvious but some people just don’t get it. Not only is it not a fad, but it’s the way the total internet seems to be heading. Even Google is continuously trying to make their sites more focused on social media aspects.

You’ll often see evidence of this when you see how social networking sites rank on the search engine result pages. This is not by accident.

There are a few other very good reasons why marketing on social networks is so vitally important…

3 Reasons You Must Start Using Social Media for Your Business or Fan Base…

#1 You Cannot Deny the Sheer Numbers and Popularity of These Social Networking Sites…

You know, when you have a business, you want to expose that business to as many people as possible. Never has there been a greater number of people in one place than there are on social networking sites online.

On any given day there are between 580 to 600 million active users ON Facebook. That’s insane. They have over 1 billion users log in each month. You cannot deny these numbers, and you certainly can’t deny the fact that there are a nice percentage of people interested in your product or service on Facebook.

Twitter has 500 million users. On an average day, there are over 170 Million Tweets posted. What if just a small percentage of those tweets were regarding you or your business?

#2 Social Networking Is Social Proof…

Social proof is a factor that influences people. Basically when you see someone that you know, like, or respect doing or using something…it makes it okay in your mind to do or use the same things.

Getting people talking about you and your business online creates a huge amount of social proof. Here’s a nice little tidbit. On Twitter, 50% of users say that they follow the brands that they use. They also follow businesses that they frequent.

This means that when you get people following you, it creates a snowball effect. And the great thing is that you’ve just got to prime the pump, and it perpetually starts building on its own momentum after that.

#3 Your Competition Is Using Social Media…

The chances are that your competition is already using or will very soon be using social media to gain new customers or fans. This is because your target market is on the social networking sites. So you go where your prospects are… as common sense business savvy dictates.

This means that you need to not only be on the social sites yourself, but you need to be doing social marketing better than your competition is doing it.

One of the best ways to start getting an edge over your competition on these sites is to know what’s already being said about your business across the social networking spectrum.

This can be tough so it’s always good to find a good effective tool to make your life easier for doing this.

If you’d like to see a review of a strong tool for analyzing your social networking and social media effectiveness;

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